Very yummy mexican

Mexican food can be as easy as tasty and yummy, you will find on this chapter a collection of easy and tasty recipes for preparing fast & delicious mexican food at home, to be enjoyed with family, friends or just by you!


Refried Bayo Beans with Chorizo & Tortillas de Harina (flour tortillas)

This combination is as traditional as mexican sombreros are, all you need is to re-fry the content of of bayo refried beans can with some fresh chorizo, and eventually strings of cheese oaxaca style or queso fresco (mexican feta) both are salty and creamy. A gently stack of flour tortillas reheated and ready to be filled with your Frijoles Refritos. There is no preferred time during the day to eat this amazing gastronomic experience. Try them also as lunch to go - for the kids or the kid you have inside if you

don´t have a real one at home and let this tacos make you smile! 

Garnish with a Green Tomatillo Salsa


Veggy Potatoes Tacos

Looks very yummy right? - Well, it is indeed and takes no time to prepare them if you´ve got the right ingredients list. hit the taco and get your shopping list so you can try these beautiful and delicious veggy tacos at home. Suitable to everyone, remember!  Traditional mexican kitchen is NOT based on meats always but instead in TASTE for sure...